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PointClickCare CNA

PointClickCare provides a comprehensive software solution for long-term care facilities. The company’s mobile app is designed to help CNAs and other healthcare providers access patient information and care processes on the go. Whether you are documenting patient observations, updating care plans, or communicating with other healthcare providers, the PointClickCare mobile app is an essential tool for your work.

Point of Care Application Login:

To access the PointClickCare mobile app, you will need a valid PointClickCare account and login credentials. Once you have logged in, you will have access to the full range of features and functions, including care planning, documentation, communication, and more.

App Features:

  1. Care Planning: Create and update individualized care plans for each patient, including goals, interventions, and progress notes.
  2. Documentation: Document patient observations, treatments, and outcomes in real time using mobile devices or desktop computers.
  3. Communication: Collaborate with other healthcare providers by sharing patient information, sending secure messages, and assigning tasks.
  4. Reporting: Generate reports on patient care and outcomes to measure the effectiveness of interventions and make informed decisions.
  5. EHR Integration: Access electronic health records (EHRs) directly from within the PointClickCare mobile app to view complete patient histories.


A PointClickCare mobile app is a powerful tool that can help CNAs and other healthcare providers improve patient care and streamline care processes. Whether you are documenting patient observations, updating care plans, or collaborating with other healthcare providers, the mobile app provides the tools and information you need to do your job effectively. If you are interested in learning more about the PointClickCare mobile app, be sure to explore the company’s website and resources, and reach out to their support team for more information.

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